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Arzu Ozkal and Tricia Treacy

Arzu Ozkal and Tricia Treacy met the first time in June 2015 in Vinelhaven, ME during a weeklong design residency, NoQuo hosted by DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based environments.

They are practitioners of various specializations including film/video, photography, printmaking, artist book, and performance. OZKAL works at the intersections between design activism and social design, looking for forms of creative and critical outcomes through social participation that emphasizes issues like women’s participation in the public space. TREACY with a creative practice that is actively collaborative and often a hybrid of two mediums with a priority towards text-based media, artist books, printing, and publishing.

Situated Between defines their process; their on-site and-off-site collaboration since 2015:

A quasi-manifesto situated between a spontaneous point of departure without a fixed point in the future: A protocol (or no-protocol) that involves constant tactic-developing to effectively and collectively seek inspiration in each other, other humans and non-humans to activate new intersections and allow new forms of engagements. 



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